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Higher Education's music is for the people. It's real; it's not superficial or materialistic. All three members are highly involved in the writing process, bringing multiple perspectives to the music making the songs relatable to a wide audience. They also thrive on the live performance; an area where they truly shine.


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Promo Video for Higher Education's Album Chasing Highs

View our promo video shot and composed by Matthew Creger!

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  • New Album

    Throughout the album you can really get a feel for the influences of each member. Danny wastes no time showing off his masterful guitar skills in the opening and title track of Chasing Highs. You can hear and feel the influence Kurt Cobain had on him, and with each strum you find yourself taking out an air guitar to play along...

  • Off the Stage

    “We didn't want our introduction into the music world to be some polished turd. We worked very hard to find our sound. We put in so many hours in that leaky, shitty, unfinished basement, but were happy just to have a place to practice and create music...

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Top Seller

Chasing Highs

We want our recorded music to capture not only our creativity but our high energy personality that we bring to our live shows.” They thrive on the live performance; an area where they truly shine...